5 Fab Friday

November 8, 2013

5 Things we are loving/wanting/dreaming of on this Friday

What a great time of year to spend more time in the kitchen.  Cooking meals for the ones you love.  Here are some Fall Dishes that make us happy!

Stylish Mama: 

Yankee Pot Roast
I am a true New England girl to the core. So most Fall dishes are stemmed from my New England roots.  This is a dish I was raised on.  And I still look forward to when my mom and dad have me over for it.  Good old fashioned Yankee Pot Roast.  Here is a link to a great recipe by my girl Martha : Martha Stewarts Yankee Pot Roast

Pumpkin Pie
Love pumpkin pie...I am not at all baker however one thing I can make is pumpkin pie.  I have been making this pie since I was 15.  My favorite recipe has been the easiest one to find on the back of New England's one and only One-Pie pumpkin puree...here is the same recipe online Onepie pumpkin pie  (or you can be like me and buy the can of puree and look on the back!)

Organized Chica: 
"Sancocho" is a traditional soup in Latin America.  Each country has its own variation, even within each country, each region has its own interpretation of what exactly is in a Sancocho.  Colombian Sancochos will have some kind of meat like chicken, ox tail (my favorite) or fish, along with root vegetables, like potato, yucca (cassava) and plantains. We top this with fresh cilantro and freshly squeezed lime juice.  It's a hearty soup and perfect for cold days.    

Yum..apple pie right out of the oven with a scoop of ice cream.  That is a sweet comfort food! 

Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica:

We knew we would be great friends when we recognized that we both had a love of food and cooking food.  This is one motto we live by!  

Love, Stylish Mama and Organized Chica xox

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