Part 1: Under the Stairs Linen Closet

November 19, 2013

I have a few details to take care of in my linen closet so that I can say its complete, that I will share with you. First, I thought I would show you how ugly my closet looked before the transformation.   The beauties of having your personal handyman (or just plain nagging your HB until he gets it done). I was able to re-purpose one of my under the stair closets into my linen closet.

I live in an old house so we have remodeled through the years by sections but some areas hadn't been touched in years.  One of the them being this closet. Yikes!

These aren't the best images so please pardon but I figure they are clear enough for you to see the before and after at least.

This closet was used to store clothes before. I wish I would've taken a picture on how packed it was.  But one bad picture is enough, right? or two! 

This closet didn't have shelves, this was taken when the shelves were being tested.  Making sure they were cut correctly and placed on the correct height.  The iron board rack and the mop/broom holder were mounted to make sure everything fit appropriately.  

Now look at what a fresh coat of paint and new flooring can do, looks like a different closet.

Painted shelves are up.

To see how my linen closet turned out, check my Part 2: Under the Stairs Linen Closet. All I can say is that I'm a happy girl because I have a pretty linen closet.  Custom made! 

Happy Organizing!

Organized Chica - xox

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