Black Friday! 2 weeks away...

November 14, 2013

Are you ready for the madness?
Did you make your list? 
Do you know where you are going?

Having worked in the retail world during my earlier years gave me a total new respect and view on the whole Black Friday craziness that happens every year. 

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I clearly remember working at Circuit City at the time (yes I know, that was a long time ago since Circuit City  is no longer in business) and preparing for Black Friday.  To be honest, before I worked that day, I really didn't have much of a clue what this crazy day was all about. 

I remember starting my shift really early, like maybe 3am to prepare for the 5am opening.  Don’t quote me on exact times here, we are talking about  years ago.  The store was fully staffed and the warehouse was packed up high with all the merchandise.  Now guess who was the greeter?
“Good morning, welcome to Circuit City!”
YUP! Little 5 foot me had to welcome the crowd while giving away the early bird gift to the first, I think 100 people.  Now we all know what happened cause I’m sure you have been in that crowd trampling inside the store.  Doors opened and the moment I opened my mouth to welcome people I was shoved side to side within the crowd.  Next thing you know, my cart with the early bird gifts was empty!

So please, don’t run over the employees in the entrance, it’s not very nice. I’m just saying.  I was the greeter for the entire day; needless to say, I ended my shift with no voice.  Would I do it again? Heck yea! It was fun.  Being young and working with your friends and being in the whole rush, I loved it. 

Ok sorry, got a little sidetracked, just reminiscing a bit.  So now that I’m the consumer, I like planning ahead and investigating on what sales are truly worth waking up early for or it seems with all the stores now opening on Thanksgiving Day, people really won’t be sleeping at all. 

Fortunately with today's technology and social media, there are dedicated people to keep you updated with the latest sales and flyers as they are "leaked" out to the public so you don't have to do it.  Isn't that such a time saver? There's even a Black Friday App!

Below I have listed the top websites that show you all deals by store: 

If you are interested in buying any APPLE products, the following articles will break down the deals out for you:

Now, if you're not interested at all on fighting the crowds, driving around for parking, standing in the cold and or waiting for hours, then maybe online shopping is for you.  Don't forget that Black Friday deals can also be found online.  Supposedly you can find better online deals on Black Friday then Cyber Monday but you be the judge on that.  

My tips to make this Black Friday be pleasurable if your hitting the stores: 
  • Check out the flyers to see what items you want
  • Compare prices
  • Make a list
  • Split up and conquer - have a stragedy
  • Do not go alone, so much more fun when you are waiting in line with friends or family
  • Dress accordingly to the weather and comfortable
  • Keep hydrated and fueled
  • Be realistic, you may not end up buying what you wanted on your list 
  • If you aren't looking for an item in particular, miss the rush and go in the afternoon (most people are sleeping by then) 
  • Have fun!
Are any of you planning to shop that day? Share with us how you plan to attack the biggest retail day out of the year, leave comments below.

Happy Black Friday planning!

Organized Chica - xox

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