Part 1: Walk-in Closet Makeover

March 3, 2015

It's March! You know what that means? Spring will be here in less then 20 days, but who is counting right? The weather may not cooperate in some areas of the country but this doesn't stop the biggest event of the year, SPRING CLEANING!!

I wanted to share with you a very big project that I have been working on for a friend.  This is not only a spring cleaning project but "hey, I'm having a baby in less then 3 months and we need to setup his room but don't know where to put all our stuff so, ahhhhh" situation.  This is where I jump in, can you hear the superhero music? Organized Chica to the rescue!!!

Let me start by saying that when you are going to tackle a job of this magnitude, everyone needs to be on board.  This is a group effort.  As a organizer you can sort, purge and put away stuff all you want, but if the systems you use, don't work for your client, then you have failed as an organizer. What make sense for some, isn't the case for others.  Your clients input is necessary if you want to have successful results.   

This is still an ongoing project but I thought I show you the progress of what I'm working on now.  Please pardon the quality of the images, I took them with my cellphone and the lighting wasn't the best.  Also I was so focused and concentrated that I didn't do a good job of taking pictures on how the closet looked when I started.  The below images are the different stages that the project went through.

The main purpose of this project was making this walk in closet efficient for both husband and wife.    Currently only her clothes were in this closet while his clothes were in another room which now is the baby room.

As you notice the left wall had all this wasted space because it was lacking a storage unit.  This was the challenge because of the entry way.  

This was after all the shoes were removed from the floor and we were in the process of clearing the shelves. 

After a couple of conversations on what they wanted and my friend being at Home Depot for about 3 hours, this is what he came up with.  The perks of your friend being an architect and my HB being a handyman.  This is why I say it's a group effort. Look at this beauty! 

I can't wait to share with you all the final images of the completed closet.  Once their room is complete, we're moving into the baby room.  I also have personal projects coming up that I'm really excited for and can't wait to share with you.  

Happy Organizing! 
Organized Chica - xox

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